COVID seems to be back in our communities in a big way...are you ready to respond?

Having been guiding so many through this pandemic and all the leaves associated I have to say I have had some experience already in best practices on this front! I want to share with you two videos that you may want to consider reviewing to be prepared to make the changes necessary as the Governor is continuing to limit gatherings. We know how that could hit our workplaces.

AND I am happy to bring you to my new and improved website! See what you think.

The videos will guide you through the how to manage such arrangements including what should be in a policy.
To get to the videos:
Alternative work schedules:


Just keep in mind that being flexible and open to different work arrangements if not only important during a pandemic but it is a huge draw for employees while balancing work and life. That's what we all need, especially these days. Having been someone who has successfully been working remote for the last 13 years, I can say, I am highly productive and have learned that video conferencing is my new best friend!

As always, if I can help guide you in any way, please reach out! Stay well!!