Well well, most of my days recently consist of calls related to managing COVID in the workplace!

Between the leaves that are becoming more confusing than anything. The NYS Sick Leave plan coming up and how to integrate it into other paid time off. And then, the panic when an employee tests positive and all that goes with that. If you are feeling it, you are not alone! Reach out if you need some quick tips and guidance to get through it all as it comes up. https://hrwebsource.com/p/consulting-coaching

Further I am noticing the peaked interest in updating handbooks. This is very important for ALL business sizes and types. If written comprehensively and appropriately it is an extremely valuable management tool. I am doing many of these recently as well as those who are buying my online template, that is a DIY approach. I do not edit an existing handbook however, I only use my content because it is proven to be effective and compliant. If you are in a position to look at yours. you can do so by either contacting me for me to customize OR go to https://hrwebsource.com/p/employee-handbook-sample-template You will find this a highly useful document as so many have. I have lost count on the number I have done just in 2020! Grateful for the referrals who have found theirs so helpful that I did for them. Do not be pennywise pound foolish, get this document done to result in a high quality communication and management tool that will help to keep you in compliance and guide your actions related to managing employees.

Have your employees and supervisors been trained on Sexual Harassment prevention in the past 12 months? If not, you are out of compliance. So now the focus should be on the annual anti harassment training. While I don't have time this year to do a live zoom session, you can get the same content in this cost effective, complaint online training. https://hrwebsource.com/p/sexual-harassment-prevention-training-for-employees Do not forget that your supervisors MUST have their own training so use this one for them https://hrwebsource.com/p/sexual-harassment-prevention-training-for-supervisors I am please with the feedback I am getting related to these sessions. The longest is the supervisor training, about 45 minutes. No excuse! Get it done! Certificate for completion is also available. This training is designed so that the employee can't "fast forward" as they must watch the entire session to get their verification of completion. I know I know, who wants to hear this every year right? Well, we are mandated to in NYS and also many learn something new each time they sit through it. So give it a try and be in compliance. Cost effective, time efficient online.

Also a focus area for client calls and emails are the need for simply having someone highly skilled in HR available to them as they need it. Well, yes I have that solution as well. Here is the most popular series of options https://hrwebsource.com/p/hrnow

No matter what the issue, JBM is here for you! I love this field...sounds nuts maybe, but I truly do! Never a day goes by I don't learn something new. HR is a complex area, you can't "half" do HR so seek the help you need.

Warm regards,