So many organizations are struggling with their organization structure. So many are seeking ways to address their budget constraints but yet needing the professional expertise in many area. How are you addressing these concerns? Here are some ways that have been very effective for so many.

Hiring a third party consultant. For many areas of expertise this is a no brainer. Seeking high levels of experience with a strong reputation and saving an extraordinary amount of money related to salary and benefits. The areas that are commonly effective for such an arrangements are: HR, IT, Marketing, Payroll as the top four. Further be open to other areas such as Grant Writing, Planning and so many others. This is to just provoke some creative thoughts as to how you can handle this in your organization.

Utilize technology to the highest extent. I see that some organizations still can't effectively handle video conferencing. This would be a priority expense. Get staff computers so they can work form wherever they are. This in the long term is not only cost effective but will show in higher levels of productivity and employee morale due to flexibility.

Be flexible with your scheduling. It took a pandemic to recognize this need. My clients have been introduced to this for many years. Be open to allowing people to work different days and hours. If you want some clear direction on how to do this consider reviewing AND These webinars are practical and help you step by step on what to consider and how to implement such program. BE OPEN! Keep in mind that allowing people to work from home can result in a significant savings if you can reduce the square footage of office space. That has been a big win for many, especially over the last 9 months of recognizing this fact and viability of people working from another location.

Be sure your policies and practices are updated. This is focused on employee handbooks for starters. Be it for ensuring compliance and to communicate with employees in the most effective manner, you need to focus on this document and don't let anyone make you believe otherwise. It is the "bible" for leadership and supervisor staff as well as representing your organization as a transparent, trustworthy place to work. If you want to do a DIY, here is a comprehensive handbook for you to use. True and tried!

Empower employees to help you through it all! My approach to working with staff for over 30 years has provided me the best experiences related to how get employees to be most effective. This is the magic bullet! Employee engagement and empowerment. They know best how to perform optimally. You just need to listen and be open to new ways and a variety of ways in which people work.

Be sure your orientation program is solid. Many businesses large and small don't give this nearly the attention it needs. It is the first impression of your organization. It can be the difference between losing and retaining the best employees. This has much more impact than many realize. I am moving many of my clients to move the content to a digital version. This allows for efficiencies, consistent messaging and timely orientation sessions. Work smarter than harder. This is one way for sure!

So what are you planning for your organization in order to balance budget with needs? Here to help you think through all of this as it is a popular area of focus for my business. Reach out now! Planning means everything

Warm regards,