No may have employees working from home. This is an ideal time to get to training, especially mandated types like this one. JBM has this online, takes 45 minutes and is thorough to meet the requirements. Did you plan your training for 2020?

Why do you need to care?

  • One it is mandated training.
  • Second it is the right thing to do.
  • Third respect for all people is absolutely necessary in order to create a positive workforce
  • Reduction in potential legal challenges related
  • Creating a respectful workplace, essential to a successful business
  • Forces you to resolve conflict
  • Trains leaders to focus on behaviors that are offensive and uncomfortable, requires them to act on it
  • Makes you a stronger employer, more desirable
  • Supports high performing teams

JBM's training has very compelling examples of work situations that clients have found very important in order to really understand what these laws are focused on.

Respect in the workplace in general is what needs to be your focus. This being a focus will naturally create a culture free of such unlawful behaviors. This takes a group of leaders to enforce and role model strong, positive, appropriate behaviors. It also requires enforcement so employees fully understand what is and what is not acceptable. Being consistent and taking the time to change behaviors makes all the difference.

Ongoing professional development should be in your budget. Online options make this affordable. JBM customizes such training to ensure all can benefit given their budgets.

Team engagement should be a natural part of how you make decisions. JBM offers highly effective ways to do this...building organization capacity. It is the difference between good and strong teamwork and employee loyalty. Find out more about this!

Empower employees to do their work as they see best. All you need to be sure is that the work is getting done and meeting the company goals. How they do it, should be in their control.

Trusting environments come from strong training and supporting of respectful workplaces. In a time with retention being an issue for many industries, it is imperative that you develop skills, policies and processes that regularly support a positive workplace.

How do you stack up against all of this items? Be honest, best to ask your employees. Actually this may be a good time to survey employees as they are away from the office and will likely feel more compelled to be honest about how they view their workplace and what they would like to see different.

In the end, support a culture of kindness. Kindness naturally reduces the chances of people negatively impacting their fellow employees, thus reducing the likelihood of harassment and other unlawful, offensive work interactions..