The gloom and doom won't get us anywhere. We just need to be responsible and do what we can do to protect ourselves and our families. I find many positives coming of this, do you?

I have seen many positives already frankly.

  • More kindness
  • More support
  • More giving
  • More consideration of others
  • More time for self-care
  • More time to eat well and cook healthy
  • More focus on what's important in life
  • More focus on what is "essential" in our lives
  • More of an opportunity to learn simplicity
  • Necessity to be patient
  • Living in the moment is required..every day something new comes up
  • Faith over fear
  • Find ways to keep busy with your family
  • Household things we put off are getting done
  • More time to rest...if not those "essential positions" who can't find enough time to rest
  • Be grateful for each day
  • Value health while we have it, realize how quickly it can turn
  • Think about others more, find ways to help
  • Home cooked meals are more the norm, perhaps eating out was prior
  • Seeking new hobbies
  • Learning new skills
  • Finding education opportunities (many are free...I am offering free coaching for this month, so consider that)
  • Time to meditate, pray more intentionally and we need to
  • Save money
  • Read good books

Here are just a few things that we so often do not have time to do. Well people, we do now! Use such time wisely. Come out of this pandemic on the other end, a better version of you.

I know that the little things that I valued so much such as hair, nails and makeup being "just so" no longer an option. How freeing it is to not have to even think about that. Sounds goofy and simple but believe me, many women in particular I have found, feel lost without these elements of self care that are not an option at this time.

How about the social gatherings. I'm very social, I love being with people so this is a trial but I have to say, my attitude is positive so I am finding new life just being home to be even more than fulfilling. I am likely to keep this going. I like less to do actually and to just be.

Our goals are simple right now, stay well, stay home and appreciate each moment in life.