There are so many best practices related. Please don't fumble through this. Many organizations have done this for many years. JBM can provide the tips on effectively managing employees working from home.

What you need to consider:

  • Full, detailed policies on telecommuting
  • Assessment of technology needed
  • Clear expectations of number of hours/time/outcomes expected each day
  • Clear directives in writing
  • Good recordkeeping especially for those hourly staff members; formal tracking is required.
  • Regular check ins daily, weekly through video conferencing. Connections are important. A feeling of "being together" as coworkers essential to continue.
  • One to one opportunities for each staff member.
  • Schedule training and professional development to get the most out of this time away from their otherwise bogged down schedule
  • Offer support throughout the day
  • Be sure NOT to ask them to work outside of the expected hours, some are taking advantage of quick access; people need the time to be able to walk away just like they would physically leaving work
  • Provide them resources to focus on their mental health and well being; perhaps your EAP if you have one has some good things to share
  • Stick to schedules, people need structure so setting this up for them could help them be more focused, productive and feeling involved reducing that isolation feeling
  • Be sensitive to how different this time away is for each person; some thrive on alone time, some struggle tremendously, especially if they are living alone
  • Be sensitive to their child care responsibilities
  • Be sensitive to the time they need to teach their children during this time
  • Be sensitive to how people feel about losing "something" especially their income
  • Identify sources of professional development if you are going to reduce yoru workforce. JBM can help with this transition and custom packages are possible to meet your needs. This helps with feeling so bad when you have to reduce your workforce.
I am here to help you through this. Your needs also need to be in check. Seek some help in balancing these rough times.