I am a small business (less than 5 employees) why do I need HR Support?

  • Even if 1 employee, there are over 10 employment laws that you must in compliance with. Further, employee issues come up regardless of how many you have. JBM can provide such support, quick answers to difficult issue related to managing employees.
  • Small businesses are big targets for compliance audits. JBM is making every effort to support small businesses so you can avoid costly "mistakes".

How many employees should a company have before there is a need for an HR department?

  • As organizations grow, there is a need for more experienced HR support but that does not mean an HR department is necessary NOR does it mean you will fill all of your HR needs. The trends are focused on hiring an HR expert on an outsourced basis with years of HR experience. This makes it cost effective, time efficient and best practices in keeping up with compliance and best practices.
  • Typically, any organization, even those with as few as 10 employees, need someone to tend to the employment related issues. Unfortunately HR functions are often given to a Controller or Office/Store Manager. This will NOT work. Such individuals are not going to have the knowledge base you need. HR is complex. They are spread too thin and are inadequately prepared to handle complex employment related issues. JBM's Online Consulting is one cost effective way to address your HR needs.
  • Outsourcing this function could be the answer to solving your HR issues.
  • Self Help is your preference? Check out our convenient packages that will best suit your needs from policies/procedures, handbooks to, power points, webinars, tools/templates and step by step "how to's" for those difficult meetings related to discipline, performance, harassment...No better source of comprehensive HR management practices

How does HR Websource consulting work for an organization when they are not part of the organization day to day?

  • JBM of HR Websource IS your HR partner. Online Consulting can meet your needs on multiple levels for those day to day questions and more strategic complex aspects of the field as well.
  • JBM of HR Websource provides a variety of areas of expertise and methods to assist in day to day operations.
  • JBM of HR Websource serves as a mentor to that person on staff who handles employment questions, so that person can appropriately and comfortably handle the situations they encounter.
  • JBM of HR Websource is connected with an HR experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in the field in a variety of organizations/businesses. Find out more about the expertise through JBM Consulting

Who benefits from an online HR consulting service such as HR Websource?

  • HR professionals & Leaders who want some additional resources to make their overwhelming tasks simpler.
  • Any business or organization that recognize their need for proper HR practices as well as the latest in best practices.
  • Any professional who wants access to cost effective methods of training supervisors and staff through webinars. Customized options are also available.
  • Anyone who has HR questions and issues that would like access to an HR expert for advice.
  • Anyone who may need help with employee problem solving; conflict resolution; harassment/discrimination issues or investigations, performance management/disciplinary action parameters for decision making and help with approaching employees and when assistance is needed for hiring best practices, appropriate questions to ask, other compliance information

Leaders who desire professional development through our Professional Career Coaching.

What is the value of having such HR functions in place?
  • Compliance, reduced liability
  • Strong employee relations
  • Higher performing employees
  • Strong management practices

Where are you with your HR practices?

No matter what you do, don't settle for those payroll support services that often fail most businesses from what I have seen or heard from clients. Trends are clearly focused on spending the time, money and energy to retain high level HR expertise. Your business success will depend on it.