This hit many without any intentions or ideas about how this would work. I was able to help my clients through this as I have had a great deal of experience with such an arrangement.

How can you make this effective?

  • Be sure that all who are expected to work actively from home are able to do so, having the technology and access to what they need.
  • Consider the security issues of your company information, workers' compensation and tax considerations.
  • Plan a schedule
  • Plan regular check points, web cam meeting opportunities.
  • Keep in mind DOL rules for hourly staff.
  • Ensure time tracking is in effect as if they were at work on site.
  • Develop a policy covering remote employees.
  • Be sure you have file sharing platforms and project management/time tracking tools
  • Data security is important for in office but even more so when working remote.
  • Find ways to seek results rather than worrying about whether they are working every minute. If you are getting what you expect from them, allow them to do it as they are able. Avoid those micromanagement tendencies.
  • Help them avoid loneliness and boredom.
  • Coordinate professional development opportunities.
  • Identify times when they are expected to be "available".

Please feel free to reach out and seek some ideas on best practices. Such work arrangements are contagious and highly effective once you determine how to organize the arrangements. JBM can guide you through.