Authoritative Participatory
Employees are interchangeable Employees as volunteers
Formal dress code Anything goes
Rigid attendance policies Flexible Paid Time Off
Pay is confidential Pay arrangements more open
Work is performed at employer site Work time & pace employee driven

As you can see, over the years there have been significant changes to how we need to manage our workforce, what makes employees "tick", and the need to consider handling our policies and practices differently in order to attract and retain the best.

What should you do now?

Offer professional development opportunities. It shows you care enough to invest in their future. They tend to like to be on technology so webinars...live chats, team building opportunities in this manner. It works so well. JBM uses it to keep costs down for clients.

Offer flexibility in the work situation; consider what can be easily handled working from home;

Offer benefits they value. Ask them...that's how you find out.

Reconsider benefits you have had in the past that are no longer valuable, despite how you feel about them. Many offer retirement types of long term planning benefits that quite frankly, younger employees have little to no interest in. Use your money wisely.

Review you compensation structure, employees want more money than non-tangible benefits.

Review your work/life balance offerings. Do you overwork them? Be honest, no one wants to work 50 hours a week..all of the time. Don't look poorly on them because they have learned from other generations, not to burn out like many of us did (and do).

Practice employment engagement regularly.

Empower employees to do their work in the manner they feel they can do it best. There are many routes to same destination.

Monitor performance, provide regular input.

Keep communications consistent and clear.

Tend to your HR compliance documents, they provide employees with clarity and comfort in the workplace.

Be sure job descriptions are clear, detailed and compliant.

Train your leaders..consider leadership coaching, it is a game changer! https://hrwebsource.com/p/consulting-coaching

Work hard at getting comfortable with performance management. JBM provides many tips on best practices making this more palatable and useful.

JBM has successfully worked with employee groups through both traditional and online formats. Both highly effective. Online, most cost effective. See consulting and coaching options https://hrwebsource.com/p/consulting-coaching

Understanding your workforce is key. JBM provides methods of working with staff to determine their needs while balancing the goals of the organization. Take the time necessary to determine changes you need to consider.